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        Company Profile


        上海恒成硬質合金有限公司, 成立于2009年, 位于上海市, 是一家以從事批發業為主的企業??偣菊憬愠捎操|合金有限公司成立于1992年,位于浙江省東陽經濟開發區,是一家集鎢制品研發、生產、銷售、服務于一體的國家高新技術企業,國內首批硬質合金民營企業,專注鎢制品研發30年,已成為全球輥環產品供應商之一。





        Zhejiang Hengcheng Cemented Carbide Co.,Ltd.is a Chinese Hi-Tech Enterprise, which is good at manufactur-ing cemented carbide products with professional R&D & excellent sales & service teams since 1993.lts factory is located in Dongyang city, Zhejiang province. The city is as well as a cradle of hundreds of craftmen and scholars; the same as the "Easten Hollywood" becase of Hengdian Wold Film Studio. It' s also adjacent to Yiwu city-the world' s largest small commodities distribution center. Our factory covers a total area of 40 acres with over 200 employees among them more than 30% are holding bachelor degrees. In 2009, Hengcheng expanded its step into overseas market by moving its headquarter from Dongyang to Shanghai city.

        Hengcheng has been provided high quality cemented carbide products for many industies, such as steel, metal-lurgy. machinery, geology, construction, mining, petroleum-chemistry, electrics and textiles and defense indus-try. Nowadays our main products include tungsten carbide roll rings, cutting tools, rock drilling bits, non-magnetic products, anvils & cylinders, cold heading dies, punching dies, wire-drawing dies, dies for powder metallurgy and non-standard products, And also has created four series products like tungsten carbide powders, cemented carbide and related deep processing products.

        Hengcheng has owned IS09001, ISO14001 and 0HSAS18001 certificates. Hengcheng brand products are shared by customers from both home and abroad.

        A sound social liability and unique corporate culture is the solid foundation for the sustainable development of Hengcheng.

        Our vision: China will be famoused in tungsten industry based on rich tungsten resources through Hengcheng' s hardworking.


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